Still thrilling

Still thrilling

A year after his death, Michael Jackson is still hailed as the favourite musical legend among younger generations. According to a recent poll, just over a quarter (27%) of British ... (Comments: 0)

  • Game, set, match

    With the start of the 2010 Wimbledon Tennis Championships this week, the ‘Wimbledon’ topic has been climbing up the TellYouGov leaderboard in recent days, ... (Comments: 0)

  • Money down the drain

    A new YouGov SixthSense report has shown that 60% of UK adults view bottled water as money down the drain, with almost three quarters ... (Comments: 0)

  • Disunited Kingdom?

    The majority of the British public has a Home Counties accent and enjoys listening to people with a similar intonation, but most do not ... (Comments: 0)

  • World Cup woes

    As the end of the group stages is approaching, a great number of users, or ‘tyggers’, are talking about the World Cup on the ... (Comments: 0)

  • Guess who’s back?

    With a new album out late last week, American rapper Eminem has seen a rise in volume on the TellYouGov Leaderboard, reaching a peak ... (Comments: 0)

  • Celebrity posh list

    Actor Hugh Grant has topped a poll as the ‘poshest’ celebrity out of a list of thirteen others. From the 1,336 polled across the ... (Comments: 0)

  • What makes you ‘posh’?

    Despite the apparently increased fluidity of social strata in our ever modernising society, it seems traditional characteristics of ‘posh’ remain steadfast, a recent poll ... (Comments: 0)