Total eclipse of the heart

Total eclipse of the heart

Almost a quarter of the British population is planning on watching Eclipse, the latest instalment of the Twilight Saga, according to new research from YouGov. The worldwide box office event ... (Comments: 0)

  • Goddess of love?

    Fresh from appearing on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross and performing with the Scissor Sisters at Glastonbury last weekend, Aussie pop star Kylie Minogue ... (Comments: 0)

  • Simultaneous schedules

    It will not have escaped many sports enthusiasts’ attention that Wimbledon and the football World Cup have happened simultaneously this year, bringing with them ... (Comments: 0)

  • Own goal for Capello?

    Following England’s humiliating World Cup debacle in Bloemfontein on Sunday, questions regarding manager Fabio Capello and his suitability for the top job have become ... (Comments: 0)

  • Corden-ed off

    James Corden seems to be losing his popularity among much of the British, a recent poll suggests. Having recently appeared in a string of ... (Comments: 0)

  • Football's coming home

    As a deflated England team touches down at Heathrow, the amount of users, or ‘tyggers’, talking about the World Cup has seen it shoot ... (Comments: 0)

  • Drunk and disorderly?

    The over 55s drink comparable amounts to their younger counterparts, but indulge less on a night out and are less likely to have engaged ... (Comments: 0)

  • No hope for England?

    Despite Wednesday’s victory over Slovenia, which has ensured a nail-biting last 16 face off with old rivals Germany, the most successful European team left ... (Comments: 0)

  • Still thrilling

    A year after his death, Michael Jackson is still hailed as the favourite musical legend among younger generations. According to a recent poll, just ... (Comments: 0)