YouGov’s Political and Social Team provides the industry’s most accurate, timely and relevant polling on public attitudes to the Government, political parties and major social, international and public policy issues.

With a commitment to delivering independent insight into trends in public opinion, YouGov is the most quoted research company in the UK. The team has an unrivalled track record in predicting measurable outcomes in general elections, local elections and party leadership contests. 

Our panel of 400,000 members allows YouGov to access particular groups that conventional survey methods struggle to reach. Ready to deliver the most up-to-the-minute data, YouGov’s Political and Social Team can provide representative, accurate results, coupled with our industry-leading expertise within 24 hours.

The team has researched the electorate’s views on every significant political and public policy issue, ranging from climate change to the Iraq war, from taxation to immigration and from the 2011 riots to the future of the British monarchy. The YouGov Political and Social Team is the strongest, most respected agency for representative survey work in Scotland, Wales and London.

John Humphrys - Brexit Stalemate: Where now?

John Humphrys - Brexit Stalemate: Where now?

Whether or not the apparently contradictory condition of ‘fevered paralysis’ exists in medicine, it certainly exists in politics and if you want to examine a case of it, take a ...

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