Testing Concepts

At YouGov we are experienced at testing content through our dial testing methodology. This involves streaming either adverts or programmes (either in full or in part) to respondents through our online surveys, collecting second-by-second results. The results enable us to understand whether videos are found to be engaging by their intended audiences or whether they can be edited to produce better results.

Due to our extensive media work we are able to target respondents according to the times they watch TV, the channels they watch TV on, the genres of programmes they watch or a specific programme they have watched in the past. We can provide second-by-second results split by a number of different demographics, behavioural or attitudinal segments. Furthermore, we are able to ask a series of questions which would predict the likelihood of respondents to watch the programme or potential likelihood to buy a product as a result of seeing an advert, which we can use to segment the results.

We believe this can provide the following benefits to our clients:

For advertisers:

  • Edit adverts to ensure that the content makes the most of the available time slot – can the ad be edited down or altered to maximise response
  • Compare multiple versions of adverts, or stitch the best performing segments of multiple adverts together
  • Try different ‘creative’ ideas in adverts and test which one is best
  • Try the same visuals in multiple adverts with different soundtracks or voiceovers

Content Producers

  • Test multiple edits of the same programme / piece of content to see which performs best
  • Predict the likelihood of success based on viewer response to the programme and follow-up questions
  • Test optimal positions for ad breaks
  • Understand what level of commercial content starts to have an impact on viewer perceptions (i.e. how many ads and product placement can be in the programme before it detracts from the viewing experience)
  • Test the best sequence of elements within a programme to maintain viewer interest
  • Understand performance of talent