The Consumer and Shopper insights team at YouGov helps clients identify, analyse and address the mega-trends affecting their categories and sectors.

YouGov can support a client’s needs, whether they want to:

  • Pinpoint the unmet needs and expectations of consumer segments
  • Improve product ranges, shelf placement, price and promotions
  • Identify the crucial improvements to customer experience that breed brand advocacy.
  • Conduct qualitative consumer research to develop product concepts
  • Monitor and track consumer brand relationships, helping clients to act on specific brand drivers in order to grow and / or reposition them

Additionally, the Consumer and Shopper Insights team has industry-leading response rates of over 30%, meaning it can target hard to reach or niche groups more effectively than anyone else.

YouGov's Consumer team works closely with The Consumer Insights Panel. It is forum of thought leaders with extensive FMCG experience. They come together every quarter to discuss, debate and challenge ideas and customer insights.

The aim is to share and develop new thinking in a marketplace now characterised by unpredictability, diminishing product differentiation and heightened competitive pressure. Learn more about the panel here

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