YouGov Social is our tool for understanding how consumers interact and engage on Facebook and Twitter.

Using data collected from our base of 14K+ members (7,000 each on Twitter and Facebook), we can gain insight into social media behaviour. 

As more money is spent within social channels, it is becoming increasingly important to understand the interactions of social connectors as well as their interactions online to help build and enhance:

  • Social Segmentation
  • Campaign Strategy and Evaluation
  • Social Influence
  • Brand and Product Perception

So how does this differentiate from other Social Media monitoring tools?

  • Not just a stand-alone tool: A social analysis service from a research team to measure and monitor brand awareness, brand health and advertising/marketing effectiveness
  • Accuracy: Data lifted directly from panelists’ private feeds provides 100% accuracy in what they are saying as well as what they are hearing about brands and topics through Facebook and Twitter
  • Identify your audience: A means of understanding UK consumers with the ability to access numerous other demographic and behavioral traits on each panelist
  • Customization: Our research obtains the most relevant insights on existing consumers, competitors’ consumers, or find opportunities in new consumer segments
  • Immediacy: The data is updated in real time to provide the most up-to-date insights
  • Flexible pricing: Subscriptions and project costs are modified to fit clients’ needs

It is unique. Why?

  • Complete demographics - empowers you to filter to any audience you care about (by age, location, magazine readership, car owners)
  • Reach - measure the % of the UK population that are hearing about you
  • Whole conversation - measure conversations from Facebook and Twitter
  • Big picture - contextualise your scores from one day over 1,000 brand pages to search through and benchmark against
  • Real world impact - test the impact of your findings through surveying the audience you care about