Spiritmedia Scotland


Gaining tailored insights for the Scottish market


For agencies, demonstrating unique audience insights is crucial for pitching as well as planning client campaigns.

Spiritmedia Scotland faced a significant challenge as traditional research tools were unable to provide large enough sample sizes within the Scottish market - meaning the agency struggled to access vital insights.


YouGov Profiles immediately solved Spiritmedia's problem - 36,000 of the total GB sample size of 340,000 live in Scotland. This meant that when further segmenting by age, gender, affluence and other key variables the planning team could identify and describe robust targeted audiences with confidence.

Profiles was able to add even more unique value by collecting niche data and insights which were previously unobtainable - such as local press titles read, radio stations listened to, and regional transport hubs used.


Spiritmedia no longer has to wait months for new data for the next pitch or project. With over 50,000 surveys completed every week, new questions, topics and subjects are added to Profiles every day.

"The willingness of YouGov to consider adding bespoke research content into Profiles is refreshing. The speed that a reliable sample can be generated helps deliver cost effective robust insight in a relatively short space of time - a valuable additional benefit of Profiles."

Graham Milne - MD, Spiritmedia Scotland

About the client

Spiritmedia Scotland is a full service independent media agency with capabilities including planning, buying, digital media, and data and research.