Opinion Formers

YouGov has built a panel of opinion formers in the UK who take part in online research. These participants are leaders in their field, drawn from business, politics, media, public sector, charities, academia and beyond.

We offer omnibus and ad hoc research with the panel and have surveys going out every month, covering topical issues alongside client questions. Qualitative interviews can also be run with panel members.

YouGov provides free questionnaire design support, data tables and Powerpoint results charts, plus data results split by sector. Additional analysis is available on request. Clients who have used this panel include: governments, blue chip companies, NGOs and think tanks.

The omnibus can be used to:

  • Examine reputation
  • Understand views on policy or social issues
  • Gather feedback on branding and advertising
  • Test concepts and ideas
  • Track campaigns

The results allow clients to pick out key groups such as journalists or directors at charities, while deeper responses can be achieved through a bespoke approach which can include qualitative interviewing.

Parallel surveys with representative groups such as MPs, Peers, and consumer groups can also be run.

Opinion Formers Omnibus

  • Fast turnaround - results available after 2 weeks from question sign-off
  • Free results chart & tables
  • 700 respondents
  • Conducted monthly
  • £995 per standard question

*Timings to be agreed with YouGov before fieldwork begins and restrictions may apply

As a guide respondents are split as follows (with crossover): 33% business, 33% media, 12% Politics/Public Affairs, 12% Education/ Academia, 12% NGO/ Charity, 10% Culture/ Leisure/ Arts, 5% Health and 10% Other.

For additional information please see our rate card.