As the most quoted market research company in the UK, a YouGov Regional Omnibus service can be the perfect vehicle for focused regional research. We have the largest range of regional Omnibus products of any market research company, giving you quick and cost-effective access to representative samples of Scottish, Northern Irish and Welsh adults on a weekly basis.

The YouGov Regional Omnibus products are ideal for...

  • Measuring attitudes to current affairs, news and consumer issues in the regions
  • Planning and understanding the effectiveness and reach of your campaign in each of the regional markets
  • Generating PR and boosting coverage by providing insight tailored to specific countries and regions 

Quick View - Scotland and Wales

Sample size1,000 Scottish or Welsh residents aged 18+   Entry fee£200
FrequencyTwice weekly in Scotland and weekly for Wales   Cost per question£350 per standard question      £375 per open-ended question
Results delivered...2 working days   Cost for Welsh translations£50 per question to give the option of taking the survey in English or Welsh


Quick View - Northern Ireland

Sample size500 Northern Irish adults 18+   Entry fee£200

Cost per question£300 per standard question      £325 per open-ended question

Results delivered...3 working days      


All of our regional services include questionnaire design and results analysis (by standard demographics) in the cost. Additional analysis is available on request.