If you need to know what Westminster MPs think, whether to check your reputation, understand support for an issue or develop public affairs activity, we can find out quickly and cost effectively:

MPs Omnibus

  • 100 MPs - representative of the House
  • Fast turnaround - results in 2 weeks from start of fieldwork
  • Free results charts and tables
  • £925 per standard question

MPs Bespoke survey

  • 100 MPs - representative of the House
  • Fieldwork when you want*
  • Free results charts and tables
  • Results in 2 weeks from start of fieldwork
  • £925 per standard question - minimum 5 question - plus £925 entry fee

*Timings to be agreed with YouGov before fieldwork begins and restrictions may apply. Fieldwork when House isn't sitting may not be possible

For more information please see our ratecard

Our results, collected online and certified, provide the views of 100 MPs and are representative of the House by party, region, gender and time in Parliament (small weightings may be applied).

YouGov provides free questionnaire design support, data tables and PowerPoint results charts, plus data split by party, region, gender, marginality and time in Parliament. Additional analysis available on request.

Parallel surveys with other groups such as Peers, opinion leaders, journalists, devolved parliament/ assembly members, MEPs and consumer groups can also be run.

All fieldwork is scheduled to run whilst the House is sitting. Fieldwork dates for 2016 are provisional and subject to change once recess dates are announced. Changes to this timetable may occur – for latest details please contact YouGov directly.



Final Questions


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Healthcare Professionals

The YouGov Healthcare Professionals Survey provides access to a representative sample of those employed in the NHS and the wider private healthcare sector.

From questions ranging from their working environment and their experiences, to topical policy issues – this survey provides a chance to tap into the insight those in this sector have to offer.

How does it work?

The survey runs as an omnibus, so you would pay-per-question, allowing you to gain access to this specialised group in a cost-effective way without having to commission a full survey or an entire research project.

YouGov’s experience with the healthcare sector provides guidance on the wording of your questions, and our statistics experts deliver a comprehensive set of results for your use.

Our Healthcare Professionals panel is representative of the sector as a whole including a breakdown of the workforce by public and private sector. Within the public sector – which is comprised of the NHS, our panel accounts for the proportion each occupation represents in the service. We are also able to break this down by the type of service they work for, the length of their employment within the sector, frontline staff and many other categories.

Why use the Health Professionals Survey?

  • Valued group – The NHS and wider healthcare profession is often one of the most revered by the UK. Their attitudes, opinions and experiences are often sought in public debate.
  • Experience – Whether it be on the frontline of our healthcare services or in more strategic or supportive roles, this group provides powerful first hand insight into everyday experiences with patients and the sector’s structure.
  • Impact – Measure the impact services, resources, or wider trends have upon the working life on those in the healthcare profession.
  • Thought leadership – How is healthcare changing in the UK? Those at the forefront of our services often have the most poignant reactions to wider trends, proposals and challenges.

Costs and further information:

The Healthcare Professionals Survey runs regularly matching demand on a question-by question basis.

For access to 1,000 NHS employees (representative by occupation), and 250 private healthcare employees:

  • £600 entry fee
  • £600 per standard question
  • £400 per open question
  • Data tables and statistical analysis included
  • Question development advice included


Other sample types or boosts may be requested, and extra analysis of other groupings are available.

Teacher Track

This product offers you access to teachers' opinions and insights on a range of issues that are important to your organisation.

How does it work?

Teacher Track is a fast turnaround survey that enables you to access up-to-the minute views from teachers on a range of topical issues. The survey runs on an omnibus, so you pay-per-question, which allows you to gain insight without having to commission a full survey or research project.

YouGov's experience in the education sector provides advice and guidance on question wording, and our statistical teams provide a comprehensive set of results for you to use.

Our teacher panel represents the whole teaching workforce: from head teachers to newly qualified classroom teachers, drawn from a sample of maintained primary and secondary schools in England. We are also able to develop bespoke samples of teachers covering certain subjects, to offer you added value.

Why use Teacher Track?

  • Measure awareness: How aware are teachers of your products, brand or activity? What perceptions do they hold and how does this impact on your organisation?
  • Engagement: What is the usage of specific products and services by schools. What do they use and why?
  • Customer Experience: What support do teachers value? Where do they face challenges and what can be improved to support them better.
  • Measure impact: What benefit do specific products, services and initiatives have? How are they used and what can be improved to drive further benefits.
  • Thought leadership: How is the world of education changing? What are the important trends and what do can teachers at the cutting edge tell you?

Costs and Further information

The Teacher Track is commissioned on a question-by-question basis to our panel of primary and secondary teachers. 

For 750 primary and secondary teachers:

  • £600 entry fee
  • £500 per standard question
  • £400 per open question

Higher samples are available on request and bespoke samples of primary school teachers, secondary school teachers and subject teachers can be created.

To supplement the insight gained from Teacher Opinion Track we are also able to survey children and young people.