YouGov is a pioneer of online qualitative research. Whether you’re developing ads for products, understanding your brand’s image, trying out a new look, generating PR, or working out what aspects of your business your customers love or hate… now you can enhance your fast turnaround Omnibus Research with high-calibre qualitative findings.

From as little as £3,000, you can hold professionally moderated online focus groups with a selection of your Omnibus respondents. You can choose which respondents to participate in the focus group based on how they answered your Omnibus survey, helping you to reach the people that you most need to understand.

The possibilities are endless; hand-pick your groups for all kinds of insight:

  • Cross-sections of all walks of life
  • People who have decided not to purchase a particular brand, product or service
  • People who love your brand


…and many more. You can target people who answered any of your omnibus questions in a particular way, enabling you to understand the thoughts, feelings and beliefs underlying their behaviours and attitudes. And the best part is, you get all this insight just five days after your Omnibus survey finishes.

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