If you need to know what Westminster MPs think, whether to check your reputation, understand support for an issue or develop public affairs activity, we can find out quickly and cost effectively:

MPs Omnibus

  • 100 MPs - representative of the House
  • Fast turnaround - results in 2 weeks from start of fieldwork
  • Free results charts and tables
  • Conducted quarterly (see table below)
  • £925 per standard question

MPs Bespoke survey

  • 100 MPs - representative of the House
  • Fieldwork when you want*
  • Free results charts and tables
  • Results in 2 weeks from start of fieldwork
  • £925 per standard question - minimum 5 question - plus £925 entry fee


*Timings to be agreed with YouGov before fieldwork begins and restrictions may apply. Fieldwork when House isn't sitting may not be possible

For more information please see our ratecard


Our results, collected online and certified, provide the views of 100 MPs and are representative of the House by party, region, gender and time in Parliament (small weightings may be applied).

YouGov provides free questionnaire design support, data tables and PowerPoint results charts, plus data split by party, region, gender, and time in Parliament. Additional analysis available on request.

Parallel surveys with other groups such as Peers, opinion leaders, journalists, devolved parliament/ assembly members, MEPs and consumer groups can also be run.