Field and Tab

The YouGov Field and Tab service puts your questions to a specific group of people. Using our pre-screened online panel we’re able to target respondents based on characteristics and information that we already know about them. When you know exactly who you need answers from, there’s no quicker or more cost-effective solution.


YouGov Field and Tab surveys are ideal for:

  • Getting feedback from your customers.
  • Gathering opinions from groups revelant to your campaign or product.
  • Testing ideas/ concepts/ advertising on those you're looking to target.
  • Reaching robust groups not easily found in a national sample.
  • Surveying people in specific roles.

Quick View

Target respondents byDemographics
Hobbies & interests
Brand perceptions
And many more...


  DeliverablesResult tables tailored to your project
Summary slides showing your top line results
Further analysis on request



Results can be delivered as quickly as 4 or 5 days, depending on your specific requirements

Expert survey advice and questionnaire design set up in just a few days


Prices vary depending on:

  • The number of respondents
  • The number of questions
  • The nature of the sample for your project

Please get in touch for an estimated quote