Concept Testing & Evaluation


Use YouGov's fast-turnaround, low-cost Omnibus service to get useful consumer feedback and insight throughout your campaign and launch.

Our set survey templates can help at each stage of your project:


Each survey can be sent out to a GB / UK wide audience, or more targeted ones (BusinessInternationalRegional and Children and Parents)

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Concept Testing

What it's for

Test a description of a new idea or a finished mock-up including:

  • A product, design or flavour
  • A new event or exhibition
  • A new campaign or service
  How it helps
  • Helps you decide between different concepts quickly
  • Enables you to move onto the next stage of product development
  • Allows you to tweak specific elements of your idea
Key questions cover
  • Appeal
  • Differentiation
  • Relevance
  • Purchase intent
  • Category and brand purchases
  • Brand fit
  • Value for money
  • Product stand out


Creative Testing for Ads

What it's for
  • Find out what the public thinks of your ad campaign
  • Get feedback on an initial storyboard idea or finished ad
  • Test videos, audio clips or still images
  How it helps
  • Find out which creative is best received
  • Test whether your message resonates
  • Check whether your creative process is on the right track
Key questions cover
  • Advert appeal
  • Key message take away (verbatim responses)
  • Differentiation, relevance, brand fit
  • Ease of comprehension
  • Impact on purchase intent / consideration
  • Impact on brand image



Campaign Effectiveness

What it's for
  • Comparing awareness of your brand, campaign or new product before and after launch
  • Evaluating marketing activity including TV, radio, press and online
  How it helps
  • Helps you measure the effectiveness of your campaign
  • Get a read on pre-launch, mid and post campaign awareness / brand sentiment
Key questions cover
  • Unprompted and prompted awareness
  • Consideration
  • Ad recall
  • Type of ad recalled
  • Impact on consideration and purchase intent
  • Message take out