The Wildlife Trusts

CityBus case study


Just how do city dwellers connect with nature? The Wildlife Trusts worked with YouGov to harness the power of CityBus to answer this question, as well as better understand awareness and attitudes to nature. The aim was to create a powerful story to kick start the Wildlife Trusts’ “30 Days Wild” campaign, which challenges people to do something ‘wild’ every day for a month. The CityBus survey fitted the federal structure of The Wildlife Trusts perfectly, allowing both the individual and national charity to generate local and national news stories.


YouGov CityBus worked with the Wildlife Trusts to compare and contrast people’s opinions, awareness and attitudes across a hand-picked selection of cities. Seventeen key cities were surveyed in all, representing a good spread of geography and city size. Locations included Glasgow, London, Cardiff, and Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.


The survey highlighted some big between-city differences. For example, Liverpudlians were least likely to have visited an area of nature in the past week with 29% saying this, in sharp contrast to their Cardiff counterparts, where 44% had done so.

Worryingly, no city showed a majority of respondents reporting interacting with nature in the past week. Also, only a fifth (21%) of adults said that their last nature ‘wow moment’ was in their city.

The results enabled the Wildlife Trusts to achieve media sell-in, using a series of national and local press-releases centred on the findings, to raise awareness of and to launch the “30 Days Wild” campaign.

About the client

No matter where you are in the UK, there is a Wildlife Trust is protecting and standing up for wildlife and wild places in your area. Made up of a federation of 47 individual charities and supported collectively by 800,000 members, they connect local people to nature on their doorsteps; look after thousands of nature reserves for future generations; run marine conservation projects around the coast and inspire people to take action for wildlife.