Painting a holistic picture of the private rental market


In the fight for those struggling with bad housing or homelessness, just how can you assess the scale and nature of the issues faced by many private renters? Issues that include living in illegal conditions and having to pay to frequently move.

Every year, Shelter and YouGov speak to private renters about their views and experiences. Previous work has researched landlords, ensuring a holistic picture of the nation’s private rental market.



Shelter harnesses the power of YouGov’s panel – the YouGov Profiles platform enables them to analyse survey data by a powerful and ever-growing array of up-to-date demographics, behaviours and opinions. The targeted surveys take just days to conduct and enable Shelter to speak to over 5,000 private renters, whilst the data is also weighted to be representative of the renting population.



The research raises awareness of this subject, and means that Shelter can take an evidence-based approach to highlighting important issues to policy makers. This includes looking at the proportion of people experiencing illegal or unsafe conditions and also assessing the costs and other impacts of moving. On top of all this, the research has generated coverage across a number of outlets and channels, including BBC news, ITV and The Guardian, helping the public to understand the private rental market and the problems and challenges faced by both tenants and landlords.

You can read one of the 2016 reports here.


About the client

Shelter is a charity, founded in 1966, that campaigns to end homelessness and bad housing in England and Scotland. As well as campaigning to tackle the root causes of bad housing, it provides advice, information, and advocacy to people in need.