Carers Trust

Investigating the emotions and worries of children


The charity Carers Trust needed a strong hook for the launch of their new young carers online support service ‘Babble’, which provides friendship and support online for young carers under 18. In order to support the launch of this new service, the charity commissioned the YouGov Children’s Omnibus to explore the emotions of our panel of ‘non-carer’ children. It also investigated what children were worried about, and if they were worried about their family, what these specific concerns were.


Our omnibus team developed the questionnaire based on the charity’s aims and objectives so that the questions were appropriate for younger respondents. The survey was then run over the weekend, so that the children were able to take the survey at home rather than being at school.


The survey showed that, among ‘non-carers’ aged 8 to 15, 83% said they have felt happy in the last month, 39% said they have felt worried, 42% said they have felt sad and 28% said they felt confused. When Carers Trust compared these results with those of the same questions that were asked of their own carers sample aged 8 to 15, they found that the carers were less happy, more worried, sadder and more confused than our sample of non-carers. The data also showed that those in the carers sample were more worried about things such as exams, the future generally and of course their families, compared to our sample of non-carers.

Carers Trust was then able to use the results from the survey to support the launch of their new online community and website ‘Babble’ for this age group. The results got excellent coverage, with slots on breakfast television on Good Morning Britain, Sky and London Live; on Sky News Radio syndicated to 320 radio stations; in publications such as Community Care and Children and Young People Now; and on websites such as Huffington Post, Politics Home and First News.

About the client

Carers Trust is a charity which aims to improve support, services and recognition for anyone living with the challenges of caring, unpaid, for a family member or friend who is ill, frail, disabled or has mental health or addiction problems.