Understanding perceptions towards Emojis and characters amongst families



Boost commissioned YouGov’s International Omnibus to help understand perceptions towards emoji icons and characters amongst families. The research covered 9 markets in all, including the UK.

After acquiring the licence to use Emojis in their products and services, Boost wanted to tie together the thoughts and opinions of Emoji users with a range of characters from movies, cartoons and elsewhere in order to guide product development in multiple markets.



YouGov worked closely with Boost to design research tailored to the target markets’ audience. Harnessing the power of YouGov’s International Omnibus enabled Boost to speak to thousands of mothers and children across the UK, USA, Australia, Brazil, China, Colombia, India, Mexico and South Korea. Awareness of, use of and opinions on a range of Emoji characters were tested. The research also pitted opinions about Emojis against a number of characters including Angry Birds, Disney Pixar characters and Hello Kitty.



In Mexico, Brazil and Colombia, awareness of Emojis among both mothers and children was high (100% for some audiences). Among mums, the UK saw the lowest recognition (90%), whereas China had the lowest awareness among children across the markets tested (90%).

Three sets of non-Emoji characters were tested in all of the 9 markets; Peppa Pig, Star Wars and Minions. British children and mothers preferred Minions to Emojis, but Emojis were preferred over both Peppa Pig and Star Wars. Variations with character preferences across markets gave Boost valuable insight to inform locally-tailored product development for collectibles’ concepts for retailers in multiple countries.


About the client

Boost is the leading full-service provider for marketing and sales services. They supply creative concepts and effective sales tools for shopper marketing, collectibles’ promotions and loyalty programs.