BBC Wales Radio and TV Programmes


How does major Welsh broadcaster better understand its audience? BBC Wales and YouGov work together to examine the attitudes and views of those watching and listening to their programmes, on both the radio and television.


Using the YouGov Wales Omnibus, BBC Wales has been tracking the nation’s awareness and opinions of its programmes on the radio and television throughout 2015 and 2016. Last summer (2016), the research focused on the 2016 UEFA European Championship (Euro 2016), to provide insight into the radio stations and programmes that the public were tuning in to and their assessments of the commentary.

Through YouGov’s option to handle translations for all Wales Omnibus surveys, respondents were given the option to take all survey questions in Welsh or English – providing respondents with the opportunity to take the survey in their preferred language.


The findings from this fast-turnaround research were used to measure BBC Wales’ performance through understanding what the audience like and dislike and, ultimately, enabling BBC Wales to greater understand their listeners and viewers.

About the client

BBC Wales is the national broadcaster for Wales. It provides Wales with television programmes on BBC One and BBC Two, manages two radio stations – BBC Radio Wales and BBC Radio Cymru – as well as providing content for S4C and BBC network services.