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Safer Cities Campaign



The charity ActionAid, commissioned YouGov’s International Omnibus to gather data across four different countries. The survey findings would be the driving force behind a global media campaign to raise awareness of female harassment, and lobby governments for urgent action to be taken to make cities safer for women, the world over.



By utilising YouGov’s International Omnibus, they were able to survey 2,518 women across the UK, India, Brazil and Thailand to ask them their own personal experience of harassment, helping to reveal the true extent of issues surrounding harassment and violence towards women.



The results revealed that as many as 86% of women surveyed in Brazil had experienced some form of harassment in a public space, some examples of which including verbal, emotional or physical abuse, and more severely sexual assault and rape. Despite clear differences between each country, the survey suggests that a significant proportion would be too afraid to report it to the authorities if they were ever the victim of harassment (12% in Britain, rising to 25% in Thailand).

ActionAid said: “The research allowed us to raise awareness about the issue of sexual violence and harassment in media across the world. It also helped us to lobby for concrete measures to be taken for cities to be made safer for women and girls.”


About the client

ActionAid is an international charity organisation working towards the elimination of poverty and injustice. With its head office in Johannesburg (the only international development organisation to operate out of Africa) ActionAid is committed to fighting the causes of poverty and injustice, from where their efforts are needed most.


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