The YouGov Omnibus is an essential tool for:

  • Generating campaign coverage
  • New product development
  • Campaign planning / evaluation
  • Gauging instant public opinion on breaking news stories
  • Ad tracking and concept testing

Who uses YouGov Omnibus?

Our clients range from:

  • PR agencies seeking findings to generate media interest, whether it’s national, regional, global or trade press coverage
  • Advertising / communications agencies who need to track awareness of advertising campaigns
  • Charitable / non-profit organisations looking to gather public opinion and maximise coverage around issues that matter to their cause
  • Marketing and customer insight teams looking to understand trends in their industry, and the attitudes and behaviours of customers and prospects
  • Strategists needing reliable data to make better-informed business decisions quickly
  • Branding / NPD teams looking to gauge reaction and interest amongst their target audience

YouGov’s research receives far more media coverage than anyone else’s research*.

*Source: Meltwater News


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