The Way We Work

Our panel-centric approach brings meaning to “Big Data”:

At YouGov we constantly collect data from our panellists on a huge number of different topics and behaviours through various touch points including daily surveys and social media monitoring. This gives us real time insight into what people actually do and think. We use this to shape the design of our qualitative research. Consequently our output brings meaning to the ‘Big Data’ that we already hold on panellists so clients get fully formed insights.

Targeted sampling on what people see and do: The YouGov panel allows us to recruit on the basis of what people actually do, see or buy over time, minimizing the established problems of claimed behaviour that can hinder traditional research. We have hundreds of data points of information on each person whether its TV viewing, shopping habits or websites visited allowing us find the most relevant people for any project

Qualitative interpretations of real time data: Through continuous panel engagement we are pioneering real time responses. We can do this qualitatively through behavioural Apps, forums and online focus groups. The team has led industry thinking in this area - access an abridged version of a longer piece written exclusively for Admap here.