Brands and Communication

We test products, campaigns and brand health across all sectors through a range of online and classic qualitative methods:

Category forums

Understanding how consumers navigate different product categories and brand choices through online forums. This enables iterative engagement with panellists testing new concepts, exploring purchase habits and purchase journeys, and understanding brand perceptions.

New product development

Understanding how product developments are interpreted by consumers and mapping this against category needs through online and face to face focus groups and our dedicated NPD App.

Example: We worked with a bank to test their design ideas for a new banking app. We recruited their relevant target segments off our panel and engaged them in 8 questions, twice a week, for 3 months via our YouGov NPD app. Mock up designs were shown to respondents on the app; a mix of open and closed questions then captured their reactions. Clients received the insights in real time, via our interactive platform.

Point of sale and store evaluation

We assess the impact and effectiveness of store layout and point of sale material through accompanied shops, observations, in-store focus groups, vox pops and short films.

Example: We worked with Deichmann to explore the in-store experience and impressions of key ranges, across three store locations. We conducted in-store focus groups – using the store as stimulus – for a full 360° review of the customer experience. A combination of tasks and exercises – including ‘individual’ store exploration, and ‘guided’ store exploration – allowed us to deep-dive the experience from window display to fixture and beyond. Clients were able to attend the sessions in person, observe respondent behaviour and capture feedback on the store / range in real-time.

Dial testing TV and advertising content

We utilise dial test technology to qualitatively test reactions to TV content as well as advertising. A dial test provides real time feedback on how participants engage with content, which is then used as a prompt to interview them about specific moments or areas of content that have resonated with them.

Creative idea generation

We use interactive workshops and focus groups based around creative exercises to enable clients to understand the un-met needs of consumers and build their development and strategy around consumer needs.

Communications testing

We design exploratory focus groups to fully understand how consumers interpret and navigate social and political issues and campaign messages. An exploratory approach enables us to see how the dominant narratives in debates are framed and how this impacts behaviour and shapes public opinion.

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