Behaviours and Opinions

We explore the opinions and behaviours of diverse range of respondents, from high net worth individuals to those in low income households, covering everything from people’s lifestyles, experiences of using services to the hot political issues of the day.

Expert stakeholder and opinion former interviews

Drawing on the YouGov Reputation panel we have access to a wide range of influential and high profile people. We regularly use in-depth interviews to understand the views of industry expert’s, MPs, social commentators, academics and industry leaders on controversial, political and technical subjects.

Sensitive and personal subjects

Ethnographic methods are an effective way of getting people to open up about personal or sensitive topics in a comfortable environment. Online focus groups, are another effective approach for sensitive subjects, given the extra layer of anonymity that the online experience affords.

Example: We helped Macmillan Cancer support understand the needs and experiences of those affected by cancer, and in particular how they coped with related financial distress.

Bringing segmentations to life

Qualitative research can be used to bring quantitative segmentations to life – helping to make them more tangible, impactful and engaging. We work with our in-house film team to come up with innovative ways to create exciting and inspiring ways to showcase segments.

Using filmed in-depth interviews and YouSay selfie films (where people film themselves talking about their lifestyles and opinions on key topics), we create high quality films. By overlaying films with relevant YouGov quantitative and Profiles data we bring even more value to the findings.

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