The Coalition: one year to go


‘The Coalition: one year to go’

With one year until the General Election, Opinion Former approval of the coalition Government sits at 50%. This is at a similar level to that seen only one year into the coalition – a time when the initial honeymoon effect still lingered, and opposition to cuts in spending had not fully crystalised. As in 2011, positive overall evaluations are underpinned by performance on the economy and business. This is further highlighted by George Osborne’s current positive approval. These results suggest the recent economic recovery has helped the Government (and particularly its Tory members) rebound from the depths of anti-cut sentiment, though we cannot say for sure without equivalent data from the middle of the Government’s term.  At the same time results show critical views of the coalition’s performance on the environment and on health, the latter reflected in poor approval of Jeremy  Hunt’s performance.

YouGov's Oliver Rowe, Director of Reputation Research, and Joe Twyman, Director of Social and Political Research present the findings. To download the full presentation, please download the form below.

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