YouGov and Cebr: Consumers and the economy


YouGov and Cebr: Consumers and the economy

YouGov works closely with the Centre for Economics and Business Research (Cebr), the leading economics consultancy. We hosted our first event of 2014 at the Cass Business School and looked at why consumers are so important to the economy, and discussed the outlook for consumers and wider economy in 2014 and beyond.

The breakfast presentation featured contributions from distinguished economists and researchers from YouGov and Cebr. They assessed the role the public will play in securing long-term growth as well as their economic power as voters.

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The YouGov / Cebr Consumer Confidence Index suggestED economic sentiment had started to plateau as people’s outlook over their own household finances was not keeping pace with their improving confidence in other areas. Read more on this story

YouGov drew on its vast resource of economic data collected from more than 250,000 interviews over the past six years combined it with over 120,000 panellist data points to create profiles for who is benefiting and who is losing out in the economic upturn. Cebr discussed how this rich data can be used as a wider macroeconomic indicator.

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Prior to the event the speakers gave their top level views.

Peter Kellner, President of YouGov: Countdown to the next general election: Is it all about the economy, stupid?

Douglas McWilliams, Executive Chairman at Cebr: The importance of the consumer to the economy.

Charles Davis, Associate Director at Cebr: Using the consumer as an economic measure.

Stephen Harmston, Head of Syndicated Reports at YouGov: Who is benefitting from the economic upturn?