Consumer Networks and the Diffusion of Power


For more info, please contact the organiser, Dr Joel Faulkner Rogers


10.00 Registration

10:30 Opening remarks

Stephan Shakespeare (CEO & Co-Founder, YouGov)

10:40 Keynote: Wikipedia and Wikia in Political Activism

Chair: Rory Cellan-Jones (Technology Correspondent, BBC)
Jimmy Wales (Founder, Wikipedia)

11.25 Keynote: New Vulnerabilities for Power, Politics and Systems in the new Public Information Space

Chair: Rory Cellan-Jones (Technology Correspondent, BBC)
Nik Gowing, Presenter, BBC World News

11:45 Break

12:00 Panel: Arab Spring: The Promise and Perils of Social Media

Chair: Lindsey Hilsum (Channel 4 News’ International Editor)
Jonathan Clarke (Former British Diplomat)
Nabila Ramdani (Freelance Journalist specialising in Islamic Affairs and the Arab World)
Glen Rangwala (Lecturer in Middle East Politics, University of Cambridge)

13:15 Lunch

14:15 Panel: Transparency in the Post-Bureaucratic Age: Will it Deliver? 

Chair: Stephan Shakespeare (CEO & Co-Founder, YouGov)
Steve Hilton (Senior Advisor to the Prime Minister)
Tim Kelsey (UK Government’s Advisor on Transparency and Open Data)
Liam Maxwell (ICT Futures, Cabinet Office)
Neil O’Brien (Director, Policy Exchange)
Rohan Silva (Senior Policy Advisor to the Prime Minister)

15:30 Break

16.00 Keynote: Neomania and The Procrustean Bed of Technology

Nassim Taleb (Author, The Black Swan)
Chair: Rohan Silva (Senior Policy Advisor to the Prime Minister)

17:15 Break

18.00 Keynote: The Soft Revolution in Pakistan 

Chair: Richard Lindley (former BBC Panorama and ITN Reporter)
Imran Khan, Chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI)

19:30 Pre-dinner drinks: in the Library Cloisters

20.00 Supper in the Magdalene Dining Hall (by separate invitation)

David Howarth (Reader, Cambridge POLIS Department)
Jonathan Clarke (Former British Diplomat on: the View from Washington)
Clive Anderson (TV and Radio Broadcaster)

Programme - Friday 9 September 2011

08.00 Breakfast

09.00 Panel: How to Leverage the Power of the Online Citizen 

Chair: Carole Stone (Chairman, YouGovStone)
Carla Buzasi (Editor-in-Chief, Huffington Post UK & AOL Europe)
Adrian Monck (Managing Director and Head of Communications and Media, World Economic Forum)
John Naughton (Professor, Open University & Director, Press Fellowship Programme, Wolfson College, University of Cambridge)
Kate Robertson (UK Group Chairman, Euro RSCG & Co-Founder One Young World)
Faisal J. Abbas, Senior Middle East Correspondent, International Resource Journal)

10:15 Keynote: Is Zero Growth the Major Risk We Now Face? 

Chair: Paul Mason (Economics Editor, BBC Newsnight)
Lord Brian Griffiths (Vice-chairmen, Goldman Sachs International)

11:15 Break

11.30 Presentations:

Dr Doug Rivers (Chief Innovations Officer, YouGov)
Joe Twyman (Director of Social and Political Research, YouGov)

11:40 Panel: Perceptions of Power – Can a Leader Govern in a Networked Society? 

Chair: Peter Kellner (President, YouGov)
Tim Montgomerie (Founder & Editor,
Mary Ann Sieghart (Columnist, The Independent)
Claire Fox (Director, Institute of Ideas; Convenor, Annual Battle of Ideas Festival; Panellist, Radio 4’s Moral Maze)
Andrew Gamble (Professor and Head of Department of Politics and International Studies (POLIS) University of Cambridge)
Janan Ganesh (Political Correspondent, The Economist)
Roger Graef (Broadcaster, Director & Criminologist)

12:30 Closing remarks

Chair: Peter Kellner, President of YouGov

13:15 Lunch