Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Welcome to YouGov's FAQ Page. Please scroll down and we hope you can find the relevant answers to your queries.

If you're a Pulse panellist and you are encountering issues, please see our Pulse Panellist FAQ at the bottom of the page. If your queries do not fall into any of the categories listed, please email us at:


What is YouGov?

YouGov conducts polls on the Internet about politics, public affairs, products, brands and other topics of general interest. YouGov polls are taken by people, from all over the nation, who have agreed to share their thoughts on a wide variety of important issues. It is free to join for anyone aged 16 plus and living in the UK.

How long is a typical YouGov survey?

Most YouGov surveys are very short and should only take you about five to seven minutes to complete. A typical survey is only about 20 to 30 fairly short questions in total. Occasionally, there will be longer surveys or surveys with more complex questions. The longest surveys should not take more than 20 minutes to complete.

How am I told about new surveys?

Every time we have a new survey for you to complete you will receive an email telling you , and you will be able to access the survey straight from the email.

For what purposes is the data collected by YouGov used?

Data from YouGov surveys are used by news media, public affairs groups, institutions, political campaigns, companies and marketing agencies, to reveal and analyse public opinion.

Who pays for these polls?

YouGov conducts surveys for a diverse group of clients to help them better understand public views about current affairs, and consumer products and brands. YouGov is a non-partisan organisation. Many of our surveys have nothing to do with politics. We do also conduct political polls – some for clients and some on our own behalf to gauge the opinions of the British public. Our own polls are not written from any political viewpoint, but are meant to be social scientific efforts to read public opinion. Our clients may be from any political party with any particular social viewpoint. While these clients may in the end have their own partisan goals, the surveys we conduct are not intended to influence your opinions, but to measure them. Rest assured that when you answer a poll at YouGov, your privacy is secure, and your responses do make a difference.

Can I see results of the polls in which I participate?

You can read results of many of our polls right on the public opinion page of this website.

I took a survey but don't see all of the results posted. Why do you only show some of the results?

YouGov conducts surveys for a wide variety of clients, and is sometimes asked to keep the results from those surveys confidential.

Will the information I provide to YouGov be confidential?

Yes. Your responses will be used only for statistical tabulations, such as "50% of the public is in favor of a tax cut" or "10% more women valued Brand X". Your individual answers will never be revealed to anyone in a manner that reveals your identity. Please see our Privacy Policy for complete details.

What kind of rewards are offered for participating in surveys?

When you take surveys you accumulate points which can later be redeemed for either a £50 payment upon reaching 5000 points or entered into the monthly prize draw to have a chance of winning of cash prizes! See our Rewards page for a complete list.

Will I receive e-mail messages from anyone other than YouGov?

No. Under no conditions will YouGov give, rent, or sell your e-mail address to anyone else or allow messages to be sent to you by third parties.

Do I have to buy or subscribe to anything?

No. YouGov conducts only legitimate public opinion polls. You will not be asked to buy or subscribe to anything.

How do Prize Draw surveys work?

After you complete a Prize Draw survey your account will be credited with points which are then redeemed for entries into the draw. You will neither gain or lose points as a result of taking a prize draw survey.

How long does the £50 take to reach me after I ask for it?

All BACS requests are processed within 1 month of the request being received.

Where can I see my points?

You must be logged in to see your points. If you are logged in they will be visible at the top right of the homepage. You can also see your complete account summary from your activity page. To navigate to your account page select Panel Members then Activity from the top menu.

How can I reset my password?

If you have forgotten your password or need to reset it for any reason, click on Forgot your Password from the Login page. Or just click here.

Where can I change my email or postal address?

You can change your address from your account page. To navigate to your account page select My YouGov then Account from the top menu.

Where can I get more information?

See the Learn More page.

How do I leave YouGov?

Whilst we hope you will enjoy being a member of the site, should you for any reason wish to leave then please visit the unsubscribe page. Please note that you will forfeit any points you have in your account if you unsubscribe.


Pulse Panel - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


General Issues

I forgot my login link

The login URL or pin code provided can be found in the invitation email initially sent from YouGov. If you can no longer find the invitation email, let us know and we can provide the URL again. This link will not expire.

I can’t reach the setup page

Re-try the URL while paying close attention to filling in the right details. If you continue to experience problems, please send an email with the URL and pin code you are trying to login with, along with the following information and we will provide assistance:
• Device brand and model
• Your operating system
• Browser version
• The error message you are receiving (preferably with screenshot)

The setup page is in the wrong language

In the top right corner of the setup page is a flag icon. This can be used to change the language.

If the desired language is not available, please contact us and we can add on additional languages.

I want to uninstall the App

Please see the FAQs on our setup guide where you can find the details on how to uninstall the software on your device(s).


I can’t install the plugin on my computer

The plugin can be supported on devices with the following requirements:
Windows (minimum XP)
Internet Explorer: 7 and up
Google Chrome: all versions
Firefox: 3 and up
Opera: 12.x
Mac (minimum 10.5)
Safari: all versions
Google Chrome: 7 and up
Opera: 12.x
Device Requirements (if not stated differently above)
Note: the ‘Metro’ function on Windows is not supported
Android: 2.2.x and higher
Browser: built-in and Chrome
iPhone & iPad: 3GS and up
Browser: Safari

If you believe the plugin should be supported through your device, send us an email with the complete list of details highlighted above in the General Issues section.

I get a popup asking me to install a plugin

When you have ad tracking added to your account, the desktop tracker will also ask to install a plugin on each browser that is used. This request could also come up when you first open a different browser.

I don’t see the application active after the installation / I can start the application but nothing happens

The desktop tracker is running in the background, so there is no real program that opens. Only an icon with the logo appears on the menu bar in either the top right corner (Mac), or on the system tray at the bottom right corner (Windows).

On Windows, sometimes the system tray (bottom right corner) contains too many icons. You can see more icons when clicking on the upward arrow in the bar.

If the icon still cannot be found, re-start your computer.

If that doesn’t help, try removing the software and reinstalling it via the same link sent in the invitation email. If that does not work, contact us with your operating system, browser version and the error message you are receiving (preferably with screenshot) and we’ll help you out.

I want to uninstall the App

Please see the FAQs on our setup guide where you can find the details on how to uninstall the software on your device(s).


My pin code does not work when I try to install the App

There are two different codes when installing an Android device. First, there is the pin code to login to the setup guide. Secondly, there is a code that is used for activating the tracker on your device. Be sure to use the code as is stated under step 4 in the setup guide.

If this does not work you can send us an email with your mobile device brand, operating system and network, and let us know which code you are filling in.

I can’t find the App in the Google Play Store

The setup guide explains how you can find the application (search on Application name or on Wakoopa). If you are abroad temporarily, the app is only available to be setup while in the UK.

My 3G connection test is not successful, but the internet on my device works

In order to test the 3G settings, Wi-Fi should be turned off. Turn off the Wi-Fi and try again, but let us know if this does not work.

My connection no longer works after installing the profile

Check to see if you have installed the correct profile, and check if there are multiple profiles for the same telecom provider. If so, try one of the others to see if it will work.

My telecom provider is not available in the list

If the correct Profile is not available, press the button for ‘missing provider’ in the installation steps on your mobile device. This will create an automatic ticket for the provider to be added within 24 hours.

My Pin code for installing the profile does not work

On iOS devices, the pin code of the Apple ID of the user has to be used to install, not the pin code provided by YouGov.

When installing the proxy configuration I get the question to remove another Profile, what does this mean?

On an iOS device there can only be one proxy installed. This message means that there is already a profile active. You can remove the existing profile under Settings > General > Profile. You should only do this if you no longer wish to use the previous profile, since it is not possible to automatically restore it afterwards, but this should not change the functionality of your device.

I can’t reach while testing my connection, it redirects me

Something may have not been completed during the set up. Try going one step back to verify that all information has been filled out and is correct.

My Wi-Fi Connection does not work

Check to see if you have done the following:

  • When installing the profile for Cellular data the Wi-Fi had to be turned off, did you turn it back on?
  • Did you add https:// to the proxy URL?
  • Did you make any typos in the URL address?
  • If you have tried to set up through company Wi-fi, these networks are often protected from usage via a proxy. Try the set up at home and test if the issue still exists there.


I’m asked to install a cellular network, but my iPad only uses Wi-Fi

At the beginning of the installation, you will be asked to select the right type of device, either with or without cellular. Remove the device from your profile, by going to the homepage and clicking on the minus symbol. You should now be able to add the device again, this time selecting Wi-Fi only.


Political - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Are YouGov part of the government?

No. Not at all. We are an independent commercial organisation, completely separate from the government and listed on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM).


Does the government have a say in the work that you do?

No. We are an independent commercial organisation. The government does sometimes commission us to conduct polls, in the same way as many other commercial clients. In all cases we are committed to neutrality and clients have no influence on the data that is collected or the results that are produced.


Does YouGov only do political research?

No. Although we are most well-known among the public for our political research, it actually only makes up less than 10% % of YouGov’s revenue in the UK. We have over 250 people working in the London office alone – only eight of them are in the political research team.


Is it biased to work with only one newspaper?

We have a commercial arrangement to provide polling exclusively for one national newspaper, though this work is usually then picked up by other papers. As with all our research, our polls for newspapers are not written from any political viewpoint, but are meant to be social scientific efforts to measure public opinion. Newspapers may back a political party with a particular social viewpoint but we don’t. While specific clients may in the end have their own partisan goals, the surveys we conduct are not intended to influence your opinions, but to measure them.


Isn’t YouGov run by Conservatives / Labour supporters?

Inevitably the political team is made up of people who are interested in politics, but they represent a wide range of political views – both to the left and the right. More widely, other people within the organisation also sometimes have political backgrounds. For example Stephan Shakespeare, the CEO, is a former Conservative candidate, while Peter Kellner, the former company President, and Marcus Roberts, YouGov’s International Projects Director, have both been significant figures in the Labour party for many years. As a commercial research company our job is to accurately, independently and objectively measure and report the views and opinions of the public at large.


Are the political team all white men who went to public school?

No. The members of the political team come from a range of different backgrounds. They are certainly not all male or all white and the majority went to comprehensive schools. They are the children of, for example, an academic, a builder and a bookmaker. When they were younger they wanted to grow up to be things like Olympic swimmers, film directors and train drivers – not politicians. Regardless of background or personal opinions, in all cases the members of the YouGov team are committed to accurately measuring and reporting the views and opinions of the public at large.


I took a survey but don't see all of the results published. Why do you only show some of the results?

Each year YouGov conducts a huge number surveys for a wide variety of clients. The vast majority of these are for private use by different groups, companies and organisations. Such surveys are not published. The decision on whether to make all or part of a survey public, and when to do it, rests entirely with the client.


Are the rumours I have heard about a poll result true?

We never comment on any results or surveys that have not been published, nor do we ever comment on polls that were not conducted by us. All results of our published political polls will be available on the YouGov website and can be downloaded via our archive. Any speculation on what the results might be for a poll that has not been published are nothing more than that: simply speculation.


Do you ever refuse to work with a particular client?

Yes, regularly – but never for ideological reasons. We work with think tanks, campaign organisations, pressure groups and political parties from all sides of the political spectrum. However, all clients have to run what YouGov regards as fair, neutral, balanced questions. We work directly with clients on this, but if they insist on running questions that do not fit this criteria then we will refuse to work with them.


Aren’t the polls always wrong?

No – YouGov has an excellent track record compared to actual outcomes both in the UK and the rest of the world: most recently the election of Jeremy Corbyn and the victory of Sadiq Kahn in the London Mayoral contest. We also had an average lead of 1% for Leave in our final week of polling for the European Referendum. Before that, it was our polls that were first to correctly predict the rise of UKIP, the collapse of the Liberal Democrats and the surge in support for the SNP during the last parliament. We also correctly predicted the outcome of the Scottish Independence Referendum.


Aren’t your polls biased because anyone can take part?

Anyone can register to take part in YouGov surveys, but only those people we then contact within a specific sample are allowed to take part in our published polls – and they are only allowed to take part once. The questions on the Take Part section of the YouGov website allow anyone to participate, but those results are separate from our published polls. For more information about Take Part polls please click here