Corporate Overview

Company: YouGov PLC (AIM: YOU)
CEO: Stephan Shakespeare
Location: Headquartered in the UK, with 35 offices in 22 countries
Clients: 2,000 political, cultural and commercial organisations
Employees: 800

The Company

Founded in London in 2000, YouGov is considered the pioneer of online market research. Now an international data and analytics group with offices throughout the UK, the United States, Europe, the Middle East and Asia Pacific, YouGov has been named one of the world’s top 25 research companies (GRBN Top 25 Report published in 2019).

Business Model 

Our value chain is a virtuous circle consisting of a highly engaged online panel, innovative data collection methods, powerful analytics technologies and sophisticated research methodologies, delivery of high-margin syndicated data products and services, expert insights and an authoritative media presence. 

Our core offering of opinion data is derived from our highly participative panel of over 6 million people worldwide who provide us with live, continuous streams of data. We capture these streams of data via our variety of data collection platforms and collect them together in the YouGov Cube, our unique connected data library.

We maximise the value of all this connected data through the application of leading-edge analytics and research methodologies, allowing us to offer to our clients an innovative and systematic research products and services which together provide a platform which can be used to plan, manage and refine all types of marketing campaigns.

For more information on our business model, please refer to 2018 Annual Report which is available here

Products and Services

Our suite of syndicated, proprietary data products includes YouGov BrandIndex, the daily brand perception tracker, and YouGov Profiles, our planning and segmentation tool. Our market-leading YouGov Omnibus provides a fast and cost-effective service for obtaining answers to research questions from both national and selected samples. Our custom research service offers a wide range of quantitative and qualitative research, tailored by our specialist teams to meet our clients' specific requirements.

Stakeholder Engagement

YouGov values engagement with its stakeholders including employees, shareholders and panellists. We interact with our stakeholders in a variety of ways – click here for shareholder engagement, click here for employee engagement and click here for panel engagement.

An example of an action that has been generated from stakeholder engagement would be our innovation in the panellist experience. We have invested in technology which enables us to reward panellists for their participation within hours of them selecting to cash in their points, rather than days.