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In Britain, we like thunder and lightning

Overall British people like thunderstorms, but some groups find them scary more than others A recent spate of hot weather ...

The British Empire is 'something to be proud of'

By three to one, British people think the British Empire is something to be proud of rather than ashamed of ...

What's driving Tory and UKIP voters to high speeds?

Conservatives and UKIP supporters drive faster on motorways, are more likely to want autobahns and feel more strongly opposed to ...

Majority of cricket fans think Cook should resign

58% of British people who are very interested in cricket say that Alastair Cook should resign as England captain


People suffering from personal injuries less likely to make claims

The likelihood of those suffering a personal injury incident to make a formal claim has declined

Nike and Adidas - The battle continues

In recent days, Manchester United announced a £750 million kit sponsorship deal with Adidas, the largest of its kind in ...

One in ten want a NISA the action

One in ten UK adults expect to use their full New ISA allowance in the current tax year

Can Ritz crack the snack food market?

Food manufacturer Mondelēz International is bringing Ritz Crackers back to television for first time in 30 years. In an attempt ...


Update - Labour lead at 1

Latest YouGov / The Sun results 29th July - Con 34%, Lab 35%, LD 8%, UKIP 12%; APP -21

British public believe Hamas and Israel both guilty of war crimes

But people tend to believe the same thing about several world leaders, including Tony Blair and George W. Bush Former ...

Update - Labour lead at 6

Latest YouGov / The Sun results 28th July - Con 33%, Lab 39%, LD 8%, UKIP 12%; APP -22

One in two want Russia stripped of the World Cup

With support for conventional sanctions on the rise, British people back punishing Russia in other ways Deputy Prime Minister Nick ...


Stephan Shakespeare
Feeling good yet? A happy wallet is key to confidence

House prices never seem to be out of the headlines, ...

Peter Kellner
Obama risks losing the Senate

Last week MPs started their summer recess, their last chance ...

John Humphrys
The Economy: Back to Where We Were

It has taken six long years but the shrunken British ...

Laurence Janta-Lipinski
TV debates and “game changers”

With little over two months until the Scottish Independence Referendum, ...