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Introduce a four day week, say public

57% support introducing a four day working week in the UK – and 71% say it would make Britain happier

Why do we work? Employees split between job salary and satisfaction

As Britain continues to emerge from recession and with living standards still under pressure, UK workers are split evenly over ...

Londoners grow fond of the Shard

Most Londoners think The Shard has changed the Capital’s skyline for the better – the same goes for the Gherkin, ...

Chinese now ‘the most useful second language’

In Britain, Chinese is now seen as the most useful second language to speak in today’s world


Cheaper supermarket brands are outflanking Morrisons

The latest BrandIndex tracking data shows that Aldi and Lidl could well be benefiting from the decline of Morrisons – ...

Three hits the right note with #SingItKitty campaign

Three has gained increased attention lately as its latest advertising campaign went viral. #SingItKitty, which features a girl and moustachioed ...

Over a quarter share content / media across devices at home

one in three adults specifically look for devices to connect to existing devices across their home network

Older consumers unconvinced by economic recovery

However, overall consumer confidence hitting highs not seen since August 2007


Update - Labour lead at 6

Latest YouGov / The Sun results 16th April - Con 33%, Lab 39%, LD 9%, UKIP 11%; APP -17

The Cost of Living: Is the ‘Crisis’ Ending?

John Humphrys asks: is the 'cost of living crisis' alleviating?

Update - Labour lead at 3

Latest YouGov / The Sun results 15th April - Con 34%, Lab 37%, LD 10%, UKIP 13%; APP -20

Have celebrity sex trials gone too far?

40% say too many famous people are having their reputation damaged by accusations they are found not guilty for – ...


John Humphrys
The Cost of Living: Is the ‘Crisis’ Ending?

John Humphrys asks: is the 'cost of living crisis' alleviating?

Stephan Shakespeare
Ryanair takes to the airwaves to boost friendly image

YouGov CEO, Stephan Shakespeare, considers whether Ryanair's TV adverts could ...

Peter Kellner
The fundamentals favour Cameron

If Britain’s recovery is sustained and Cameron is able to ...

Dr Joel Faulkner Rogers
British attitudes to the household energy market

The YouGov-Cambridge Programme exists to facilitate greater collaboration between academic ...