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England’s awkward answer to the West Lothian Question

England’s politicians are caught between a rock and a hard place. The ... read more

Do angry Ukip voters threaten Tory future?

David Cameron has six months in which to stop Ukip’s bandwagon. If ... read more

Loyalty Index hands advantage to Cameron

The Conservatives’ lead may not last. It is probably a short-term reaction ... read more

Conservatives overtake Labour in voting intention

The Conservatives have edged ahead of Labour for the first time since ... read more

Ukip, the SNP and the risks of parliamentary paralysis

Why the days of decisive, first-past-the-post election outcomes in Britain might be ... read more

It's make or break for Miliband the unloved

Scotland’s drama holds two big and uncomfortable lessons for Ed Miliband. The ... read more

Has ‘rogue’ journalism cost the Mail on Sunday its reputation?

Has ‘rogue’ journalism cost the Mail on Sunday its reputation? Oh dear. ... read more

How the parties should manage their brands

What Ed Miliband has in common with Arsene Wenger, why UKIP should ... read more

Peter Kellner is President of YouGov. He was previously a journalist and political commentator for the Sunday Times, Independent, New Statesman, Evening Standard, BBC Newsnight, BBC election programmes and Channel 4 News.

He wrote the “Journalists' Guide to Opinion Polls” for the European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research and is a regular speaker at industry conferences and seminars. In 2011 he was given a Special Recognition award by the Political Studies Association for his work over four decades on opinion polls, elections and political analysis.

As well as being a member of the British Polling Council's committee on disclosure, Peter has been an adviser on polls and public opinion to the Bank of England, Foreign Office, Corporation of London, National Westminster Bank plc and Trades Union Congress.

Peter is also a member of the Council, National Institute of Economics and Social Research and a Trustee at the Action on Smoking and Health, the Hansard Society and Upring. He has an MA in Economics and Statistics from Cambridge University.

Peter’s previous work includes:

  • Columnist, London Evening Standard, 1996-2003
  • Political analyst: Powerhouse, Channel Four, 1999-2003
  • Political analyst, BBC TV Newsnight & election programmes, 1989-1999
  • Director, Political Context, 1996-1998
  • Columnist and opinion poll analyst, Sunday Times, 1992-1996
  • Columnist and opinion poll analyst, The Independent, 1986-1992
  • Political Commentator, Week in Politics, Channel Four, 1982-1988
  • Political Editor, New Statesman, 1980-1987
  • Director, Middle East Economic Digest, 1984-1986
  • Staff journalist, Sunday Times, 1969-1980


  • Author: Democracy: the 1,000-year struggle for British Liberty, 2009
  • Author: New Mutualism: The Third Way, 1998
  • Introduction to Thorns and Roses (Neil Kinnock’s speeches), 1992
  • Co-author: The Civil Servants, 1980
  • Co-author: Callaghan: The Road to Number Ten, 1976
  • Contributor to various books and pamphlets


  • Special Recognition Award, Political Studies Association, 2011
  • Chairman of the Year, Quoted Companies Alliance, 2006

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