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This website is devoted to a different mission: unlocking the wisdom of crowds.

We work with volunteers from our 350,000 strong UK panel to map the world of opinion in a way that allows them to get the best of each other's recommendations and expertise. Using the online tools we have invented, members of the panel can share and help each other evaluate and discover new things.

At its heart is our invention, Opigram. This is the online opinion profile that members of the panel fill in and update, which helps them find their place in the ever-changing universe of opinion. Whenever you think something is good - or bad - you can add it to your Opigram and thereby share your verdict with the rest of the panel. As we gather more opinions, YouGov members can search the database for recommendations and evaluations on anything from books to movies to restaurants and products.

It's like a giant review website - but a scientific one that you can actually trust. Read more about Opigram HERE →

Anyone can become a member of YouGov and take part straight away - just click below to sign up. We hope you take part.

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