What is the 'ideal age' for marriage?

What is the 'ideal age' for marriage?

Majority of British women think before 30 is ‘ideal age’ for marriage

A majority (53%) of British women think the ideal time to get married is between the ages of 25 and 29, according to a YouGov poll. The poll also revealed that only 11% of women think that 20-24 is the best age to get married, and 18% think that 30-34 is the ideal time.

Men more divided on ideal age

British men were more divided in their opinion of the ideal age to get married: 44% say 25-29 is the best time, while 24% believe 30-34 is the ideal age, and only 10% think 20-24 is the best age for marriage.

Asked who should bear the main cost of paying for a wedding, 55% of the British public say that the bride and groom should pay for their own wedding. Meanwhile, 30% of people believe that both sets of parents should pay, and only 5% of respondents say that the parents of the bride should bear the main cost of paying for a wedding.

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